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CIGNUS_B-Elie Saab – Wedding Gowns 2014-passion4luxury


And this is what happens when your cousin is planning and preparing for her upcoming wedding. These are some of the prettiest wedding dresses I’ve ever seen. Elie Saab. I doubt anyone would expect anything less from the fashion genius.




Now that the charity event is over for good, it’s time to blog a little bit about the happening, isn’t it? I’ve been talking about it quite a bit in previous blogposts, so here we go. Spetses is a beautiful Greek island. My parents and I visited a couple of the Greek islands when I was little, but the young of my age at the time proved fatal in my remembrance of these islands. It’s a shame actually. I was surprised at how beautiful Spetses was.


So, for those of you who don’t know anything about this ‘charity event’, it’s a Lifeline charity dinner to collect money for a good cause as the word ‘charity’ suggests. Lifeline is a non-profit organization under the patronage of HRH Princess Katherine of Serbia. If you’ve been reading the blog, you might refer to an old post about another Princess. That was a mistake. I thought she was of Greece and Denmark, but I was mistaken. So, how did we find out about this dinner? Isn’t it usually ‘the rich and the important’ who find themselves in these luxury charity events? How did we end up there, together with the kind of people who spend their summer holidays on yachts? The answer is my aunt. She’s involved with the Red Cross and that’s how she got to know the Princess personally and everything. We got to know the Princess personally too, actually! She’s lovely. She invited us to her palace in Serbia! From the little I got to know of her, she’s a great woman. Not a princess in looks, but a princess in the heart.

The trip wasn’t just the event, though! The very first impressions of the holiday were unforgettable. My parents always like their holidays to be calm and serene. They seek luxury and relaxation, not adventure and trouble. And this is what our holidays are about every time. In contrast, my aunt and uncle find the adrenaline rush quite endearing. Well, a holiday with my parents and my aunt and uncle had to be interesting then, right? We hired a car. We never hire a car with my parents. That would not have happened otherwise, not even in my wildest fantasies. But it did, and my uncle was driving. It was a long trip from Athens to Spetses indeed, but it was beautiful. Roadtrips are my ecstasy dose. I love them. They are my source of happiness – my key to happiness. The hotel was great, and everything about the island was magical. Here are some pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

IMG_1220     IMG_1222IMG_1239     IMG_1316IMG_1252     IMG_1276

Okay, the event! There isn’t really much to say. It was a charity dinner, just like those you see in the movies. You have the ‘mingling’ at first, which is nothing else but meeting the people with a glass of champagne in your hand, and then the dinner, with a couple speeches concerning the occasion in between. Everything was so organized and detailed, and it was truly beautiful. And it felt pretty, too. To hang out with the ‘top of the top’. Or so we thought. Or so we think. Whatever those people were and are, it still felt pretty important.

The last couple days of our holiday we found ourselves in Athens, staying at Grande Bretagne Hotel. If you’ve been a follower since the very start of this blog, you’ll understand how important this is. Go and check out my very first posts – July 2013, I think. You’ll remember. Now, if you’ve only just come to my company, go check them out too! You’ll find your answers. Basically, I found myself in that same hotel I can remember myself as a child about 4 of 5 years ago, before life had taken the turn it did. It was like I was back in the good old days. Except it was somewhat different. Because I was different. And it was definitely not the old days. But some new, strange times. It was like a fourteen year old me, so young and so stupid, left Grande Bretagne on that last holiday and returned four years later, eighteen years old now, very much different, ever more mature, and ever more loving. For the place that grew on her slowly – shyly. For the place she grew to love – and hate.


And now… a Tomorrowland post. ;) <3







Prom hair as promised! ;) <3


These are the pictures I showed the hairdresser:

imageimage 2image 4image 3

The outcome will be posted up soon enough! ;) <3


You know you’ve found happiness when you’re with Theo and Papiris in Limassol. You’re probably thinking, what? (haha). Theodoros (Theo) and Christoforos (Papiris – it’s his surname) are the two guy friends that were hanging out with me last Sunday in Limassol. We started from Paphos to go to Guaba, but we made a stop at the new marina. I can’t even explain why “I found happiness” in that, but I loved every second of it, and I can truly say I was happy.

Whether it was doing something newspontaneous, and exciting, or simply that I felt like the centre of attention as I was the only girl (haha), I don’t know. But, it was beautiful. Everything was beautiful. Their company. The marina itself. The summer day. The freedom.

It’s a week already since that day, but you know you were happy when after a whole week, you can still feel the vibe. I don’t know if I should wish for a similar moment in the future, because first, I wouldn’t want to ruin the original feeling, and second, you just know it won’t be the same the second time. Anyway, I’m positive this summer is full of such experiences, and it has only just began. Oh, and another thing I want to say. Don’t wish; just let it be. That’s how happiness is found.

This summer has began p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Tonight’s prom night, and I can’t wait. Let’s see how that’s going to go!

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