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Do you also get that feeling, when it’s summer time, and you basically have nothing to worry about except making sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself, do you also get frustrated at your unproductivity and start feeling bad about yourself? Well, if you experience similar thoughts and feelings, then this post is for you. I personally definitely get wound up in my own crazy mind from time to time, so I developed a positive attitude towards these thoughts and feelings, to better deal with them. I came up with these 5 ways how to not feel useless doing the summer holidays (but still enjoy yourself). I must admit, I don’t actually follow through with all 5, but perhaps, you can get inspired to try at least 1.


1: Morning Routine

Devise a morning routine – preferably one you’ll stick by – such as, starting your day off with a quick look at the news. You can also incorporate some exercise into that morning routine, or anything else you know makes you feel productive, such as practising on a musical instrument or a foreign language for a specified period of time. You’ll see that this will make you feel much better about yourself, and will, ultimately, improve the rest of your day. Make sure you only include things you enjoy doing, or else you won’t go through with them. And it’s also summer time, so you got to give yourself a break from all those things you despise doing (okay, this is more of an excuse, but oh well, haha). In any case, just create a morning routine that’s both productive and enjoyable.

2: Part-Time Job

A classic. I know it may quite possibly sound like the worst chore you could ever have to do when all your friends are hanging out by the beach taking in the sun, but you’ll thank yourself later on, and once you get into it, you may find it particularly enjoyable and rewarding, both money-wise, and mentally – and don’t forget the skills you’ll cultivate and have to show for it! You may also meet people that are very likely to positively impact your life – added bonus. Have I persuaded you yet (haha)?

3: Cultural Events

This is one of my favourites. I know that where I live, there are a lot of cultural events taking place currently, due to the city being a European Capital of Culture. It definitely depends on where you live as to whether such events are happening, but I’m sure there must be some things going on, at least, such as open-air cinema, or museum open days. I feel like when I attend such events, I’m not only enjoying myself, but I’m also learning something along the way. It’s truly amazing how much knowledge one can gain just by attending such happenings.

4: Documentaries/Educational Movies

If you find yourself bored out of your mind, why not watch something that could teach you something? And I’m not saying make-up tutorials on  YouTube or a marathon of Game of Thrones don’t teach you anything, but… The whole concept of documentaries appears boring at first, but trust the producers (haha), they probably know how to make something utterly dull into something bomb – come on, we all know the thrill of ants trying to collect their food before rain takes over. You can also choose to watch these documentaries on topics you already like, so it won’t seem like schooling during summer. So, think: what are you interested in?

5: Books

If you didn’t like reading books when you were young, chances are you’re not reading books now that you’ve grown up. Make the effort this summer, and you’ll see that now that you’re older, you may actually like getting your mind off other things. Reading is healing.


Do let me know of any other ideas you may have on how someone can become more productive during summer, and make sure to tell me if you follow through with any of the above and how it went. Only you know what makes you feel productive, so tailor these to your tastes, and it’ll prove beneficial – I promise. Good luck!

Lagonissi, Athens, Greece

I think that the one best thing about summer is the freedom it brings. I love it. For me, freedom equals happiness. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have time to relax, to do things you love, to hang out with friends, and to not feel guilty while and after you do these things.

Recently, I travelled to an area outside Athens, Lagonissi. In Greek, the literal translation of the name is the ‘rabbit island’, but this would be an inaccurate statement – the place is not an island, nor full of rabbits. They say that if you look at the area from above, the shape of the island seems to form a rabbit, but if you ask me, I couldn’t quite see that. In any case, we were only there for a couple days, but they were enough. There isn’t much to do there really, apart from relax, and relax some more. We’ve consistently been there summer after summer, so the place is very familiar, more like a holiday home by now.

It’s a lovely place, as you’ll see from the pictures below. I don’t really have much to say, except to urge you to travel to some place where you know you can relax (ranging from the Maldives to your favourite spot in the garden) and just take in the sun. It’s healing – try it. So, what do you enjoy most about summer? Think for a moment or two and then go on, enjoy it.

Barcelona, Summer 2016

Back in December/January 2015/2016, when I travelled from London to Paphos to go home for Christmas, I visited my high school to collect my A-Level certificates and see some of my teachers. I distinctly remember one of my Greek teachers urging me to travel with friends as often as I could during my university years. And this is exactly what I did from May 25th to May 30th this summer. This short introduction was mainly to urge you, also, to listen to people older than you, because as much as we think that we know it all and that we know better, in some cases, they know much more, and they know much better. So, take their advice, because more often than not, it’ll prove useful and even, priceless.

I travelled to Barcelona with a friend of mine whom I had met back in high school as part of an extra-curricular activity – we’re from different cities in Cyprus, so it’s even cooler that we were able to keep in touch and actually go on holiday together once we finished our first year of university. Again, I think that the more you do, the more likely you are to find the right people to hang out with. This is partly because you do more things and you are therefore meeting more people, increasing your chances of finding the right ones, and partly because when you do things you love, the people who do those same things, they are very likely to have similar interests to you, and you are thus more likely to stick together. But I’m digressing (haha)… The trip was something I was looking forward to for a while. On the 25th, we were both very excited to be leaving the UK after our exams (only a day after I had finished) and going to such a promising and, indeed, wonderful place such as Barcelona.

Now, let’s finally get started on the holiday itself. The taxi from the airport to the hostel was, perhaps, the only bad experience in that whole trip, but if you don’t have bad experiences, what will your stories be all about, right? The ride was very scary, considering our taxi driver was sleeping and driving. It wasn’t even dark yet! His eyes were closed for a greater amount of time than were open, and the car was going astray. It was dangerous, and it was frightening, and the worst part was that we couldn’t really get out of the taxi considering we were on a highway! Our lives were basically in his hands. He also almost hit a motorcycle and then went on to engage in argument with the motorcycle driver whilst driving, which was again very dangerous. I felt very helpless and trapped, but this was over soon, and we arrived at the hostel we had booked to make a better start to our holiday.

The hostel was one of the better hostels, so it wasn’t too bad. After all, we spent our days outside, so the hostel was only there for showering and sleeping. On some days, we met up with another 2 girls who were friends of my friend (I hope this is not too confusing, haha). It was really fun, and I got to meet 2 new people whom I instantly liked and, thankfully, was very happy to hang out with. The trip lasted for only 4 days essentially, excluding the day we went and the day we left. Nevertheless, we were able to exploit every sightseeing and ‘touristy’ opportunity that came our way, making the whole holiday exhausting, but immensely rewarding. I will make sure to include some pictures taken in Barcelona at the end of this post, so do have a look!

The holiday overall consisted of sightseeing, more sightseeing, food, exploration, more sightseeing, a day at the beach, and an evening at ‘Pacha’. The latter is basically a well-known club, which if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know there was a period in my life when I only listened to house music and I was really into all things ‘EDM’ (Electronic Dance Music), so you could infer from that my excitement when I saw Pacha, Barcelona. I remember when I lusted over Pacha, Ibiza.

In terms of sightseeing, I won’t list every single place we went to because that would be really boring, but I will definitely try to post below a picture from each of the places we visited. What I will do is just talk about a few things we did that were particularly memorable. Initially, Sagrada Familia, the number one place to visit, in my opinion, in Barcelona, is a church by Antony Gaudí, which truly took my breath away. From the outside, the truth is that it didn’t seem any different from all other churches one visits when sightseeing in any part of the world, but from the inside… Oh, from the inside it was a whole different thing. I think I would sin if I tried to describe it, just because I’d do such a bad job at trying to express its majesty in comparison to what the church actually looks and feels like. Let’s just say that it was different to any kind of church I’ve ever been to, that it had the distinct style of Gaudí, and that it almost deserves a ‘wonder of the world’ title. Elements of modernisme were definitely present, along with Gaudí’s own distinct style. The big, open spaces and multiple colours were truly beautiful. Sagrada Familia was beautiful. Here’s an interesting fact: Gaudí was asked how he felt about dying before seeing Sagrada Familia completed – he replied with something truly ingenious. He said that it didn’t matter, because his employer wouldn’t be mad at him – his employer had all the time and patience in the world; his employer was God. One has to admit that all Gaudí’s works are excellent, including Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (La Pedrera) and Park Güell.

Continuing, taking the hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus was also a good idea, which helped us get oriented and really get to know the place. The truth is that we had pretty much walked everywhere in Barcelona by the first day without the bus, but it was still nice to see places we didn’t get to see on foot previously. I really do suggest taking such buses when going places – they’re very educational and helpful! The National Gallery (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) was also worthwhile, especially considering the view from there and the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc close by. This fountain was everything. If you ever choose to travel to Barcelona, an evening must definitely be dedicated there, especially if one has a significant other – it’s way too romantic and ‘magical’ not to visit! Going to Montjuïc Castle with the cable car was also a unique experience, with an unparalleled view.

This post is getting long. If I tried to write about my experience as a whole I’d most probably end up with a 5-page essay, and this is not my primary purpose for writing anyway. All I want from this post it to inspire you to travel if and when you can to places you’ve never been to before, and really push it while you’re there. I do admit, at times during the trip I felt like I wanted to collapse because we were really pushing it with the sightseeing and the walking and the overall doing. But, looking back, it was so utterly worth it! Travel, experience, learn, and live.

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For a friend, and for all of you!


It’s a hard thought to get your head around – especially in the beginning. But you’ll see, once you understand the importance of these wise words, and attempt to remember them when you feel like you’re drowning, you’ll drag yourself out of misery in no time, and you’ll manage to lead a happier life! Just work hard and don’t worryYou’re doing more than enough – and you are more than enough. 


Exam period has officially started for me. I just had my first out of 4 law examinations today, and I must admit, it didn’t feel like it was the final exam. Surely, it’s important, right? Well, I guess my mind hasn’t quite registered that yet, because to me, it didn’t feel any different to the mid-sessionals I had in January. I don’t know whether this is good or bad, but I’m sure to figure this out soon. I guess I avoid stress and anxiety in this way, but is it really a coping mechanism, or will it have a negative impact on my results? I don’t know. I hope not.

In any case, I barely have 2 weeks left for summer. I can’t wait. It’s been both a long and a short first year. To some extent, I can’t wait for the second year (haha)! This past year went by very quickly on the whole – I still can’t believe it’s over. Yet, there’s been moments when I couldn’t but wish for all the clocks in the world to break at the same time and malfunction in such a way so as to go faster and faster, and for the sky itself to roll with the clocks’ movements, and for day and night to interchange continuously, as a cartoon would fast-forward time.

I believe I’ve written a brief post on what Year 1 felt like, so I won’t go over that again. I guess, overall, it won’t compare to many people’s first years at university outside London. But I think it changed me, for the better – in all possible ways. Maybe it was time, maybe it was independence, or maybe it was the course and university themselves. Or maybe it was all together in equal and varying degrees, who knows?

I think I’m going off at a tangent. I just wanted to post something. I felt like it. A huge GOOD LUCK to all those writing exams, and remember: They’ll be over – before you know it. Pick something you look forward to, and work for that. Work, work, work. Feel good working. See you on the other side!

Stress, please go away. Nobody wants you here.

Just a little animation for its message to get into my head.


Have a wonderful, stress-free day. Anxiety is unnecessary. You can do just as well – actually, even better – without it.

Where’s Home?


I’m thinking about this quite a lot lately. Being someone who lives in London most of the year while studying, yet travelling to Athens, Greece so often, and again to Cyprus – where I’m from – to see my family and spend the holidays, I often wonder, where’s home?

I’m someone who thrives in their loneliness – I’m not afraid of being alone, at all. Yet, at the same time, I’m also someone who enjoys company very much so. They say that “home is where the heart is”, but what if different pieces of your heart are in different places? Can you have multiple ‘homes’? Or does it go like this: where the biggest piece of your heart is, that is where your home is? Just some food for thought for the day!

I’m currently in Athens; travelling to Paphos, Cyprus this afternoon. I need to get to work once I get back, because I have four assignments which need to be in before May 1st. It’ll be tough, but I’m ready for it. Let’s see how this goes. Wish me luck.