Do you ever wish you didn’t have feelings?

by Xenia Makridou

     We all want to feel loved, to fit in… We get hurt when our friends gossip about us behind our backs. We get hurt when our parents don’t pay us sufficient attention. We get jealous, we cry, we hurt…

     It’s a beautiful thing to feel happy. It’s a terrible thing, though, to feel miserable. Not every one of us experiences the same feelings. Something that will make someone cry, makes someone else smile. Something that will destroy someone, doesn’t seem like a big deal to someone else. Feelings are strange. 

     Have you imagined a world without feelings? Have you ever dreamed of it? It seems so strange as a first thought… To some it may be the ultimate solution to pain; to others it may seem like the end of the world as we know it.

     All I know is that right now, I wish I didn’t have feelings. Do you know what it means to feel useless? To feel like you’ve fallen down, and there’s no way to get up? I’m given up – alone. I’m searching for my old motivation. I hope I can find it – soon.