Let’s consider these past two weeks in more detail… (Part II)

by Xenia Makridou

For those of you who missed / want to remember the first week:

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

The class I chose meant I would have a “quiz” – more like a test I’d say – every Monday. Thus, I spent the entire weekend studying. I felt quite confident by the end of the day as I knew the theory – perhaps not so much how to solve the problems.

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Boom! Test time! I did really, really bad. After the test the schedule was basically to stay in class and continue with another two hours of lesson. I couldn’t do that – there was absolutely no way I would be able to concentrate. Naturally, I left. I went to my room and cried. I cried myself to an afternoon nap. At some point I thought, ‘what am I doing with my life?’ I pulled myself together and went to the Coop to buy Economics books. I always had confidence in me reading the book and doing well. That’s how I thought I would deal effectively with the situation at hand. I spent around $400 on books. Even the tutor I had gotten after Abishai’s attack proved to be completely useless. He was a college student studying Chemistry and Physics. How is that related to Economics at all? In any case, all the crying at Abishai’s office on getting a tutor was entirely useless, considering my tutor was just as useless.   

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 – Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

I spent the next two days trying to figure out what Economics was all about – and I did. I know the theory, really. I just don’t know how to solve the problems. Anyway, the lectures were long and complicated, and I often found myself lost within the first 10 minutes of class. The days dragged on and I was sad – really sad. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad in my life – ever. I’d go to my room and cry. I couldn’t work as my psychology wouldn’t allow me to do so. I wanted to leave. I missed home. I’d remember the good old times: Sundays at Intercontinental Hotel, Aphrodite Hills or at Guaba, partying; Saturdays out with my friends, hanging out down the harbor… I wanted to go home. I couldn’t be sad any longer. I was depressed – really. You might say, but it was just class, how could you have been so depressed? The answer is simple. For me, you either get an A, or you’ve failed. I know, I know… If I expect go through life with this attitude I’ll probably fail in everything, but that’s who I am, and I don’t feel like changing, really.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday, Audrey, Phil, Nicholas, and I went for a walk down the river. It was beautiful. Beautiful. The ‘healing power of nature’. As stupid as it may sound, for some of us, it’s true. At that moment, I was happy.    

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Independence Day. I woke up and I was miserable. I didn’t know what to do with myself – really. We wouldn’t have class; the plans were for us to walk down by Charles and see the fireworks. I was lying on my bed when I had a massive mood swing. I literally jumped up and run to Audrey’s room, and I was so excited for July 4th. Like, what? A second ago, I was ready to kill myself. The next, I’m up and partying. Anyway, we got ready and went to the mall, bought a couple things from Sephora, and then she got a blue top to go with her American-flag shorts, and I got a hair bun, from H&M. When we got home we still had a lot of time till the fireworks so we just stayed in her room fixing our make-up and hair. We used my newly-bought bun and she created the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, on my head. The bun was so cute. Anyway, when it was time to go, we started off as a group, yet along the way, we kind of split up. Lena and Jules right at the front, leading us (Lena loves to walk super-fast). Then it was Cyrus and I. Behind us Ananda and Alex. And then, the rest. As Lena and Jules didn’t exactly know the way, it should have been expected that we’d lose our way. At the end, we found ourselves on the other side of Charles – not the side we should have been at. We tried to get to a bridge where we could cross but they were all guarded with US soldiers. We tried to ask them to let us through, but we just knew that was not going to happen. I met a soldier. He was so cute. I asked him how safe we should feel (We were in Boston, after all.) and he pointed at the river and the sky. And then I realized. I was in the United States of America. Police on yachts, jet-skis, kayaks… On helicopters, planes… Anyway, we finally decided to return and meet the others who had not lost their way, and had reached the final destination long before us. After all, it was supposed to be a 20-minute walk from campus, not a 3-hour one. When we finally reached them, Phil was the first person I hugged. It was so strange. I felt like I hadn’t seen him in a year or something – or that he was a veteran of war, returning home. I don’t know – it was a strange feeling. What does one need to say about fireworks? Don’t we all just love them? They were going on for 20 minutes straight and they were amazing. They’d be in red, blue, and white. They’d be shaped in stars and smiley faces. They were great. Just like Boston. Hashtag: goose bumps. J 

Friday, July 5th, 2013

It was time to get back home. I cried so much that day. I woke up crying, really. I went to CiCi and told her I wanted to go. I had to talk to some people, fill out some paper work… That was Friday.

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

I had some time with my friends as I was leaving Cambridge at 19:00. When it was time to go, they helped me carry my bags and walked me all the way to a taxi, and I was so shocked. I thought: It’s been two weeks, only. Yet, I have made some incredible friends. I feel like I’ve known them my entire life. All I want to say is that you people are the most beautiful of all. I love you – so much. And I miss you. A lot. Maybe I can travel to Colorado, or California. Or Canada… If you ever come to Cyprus, I’ll be here – waiting. Thank you for incredible memories. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you.

And that was my summer school experience.