My Best Friend & I

by Xenia Makridou

     She’s leaving today. She’s going back. She lives in Sweden (it’s been a year now) and she was only here for a holiday. She’s my best friend. 

     Today was the last day I could see her before she returned. She’s going to the airport right now. We had an incredible time together, so I’ll share! 


Xenia & Dimi

     We went to Muse for lunch (like always) and shared a Six Cheese Chicken (like always). I swear to God, we’ll never try anything else (haha). 


     Best Thing Ever – no joke.

     Aaaand, we then had a desert. Such a great choice! Food makes me happy. Hash-tag: best meal ever!



“Best Apple Pie I’ve Ever Had”

     Today was a great day. Dimi, have a safe flight back home, and GET BACK HERE IN AUGUST SO WE CAN PARTY! I’ll miss you. I love you.