by Xenia Makridou

     Saturday was pretty busy, indeed. In this post, I’ll only talk about a part of it. I went to the cinema with my little cousins from Nicosia. We watched Pacific Rim, so I’ll be writing a review on it! 



     Watch it in 3D. We didn’t – but it’s the kind of movie worth watching in 3D. I went in there expecting something similar to Transformers, but it was nothing like that. It was really good. I absolutely loved the actors. The protagonist was hottt! (haha) But really, they seemed perfect for their roles, especially the scientists. The only thing that kept ruining it for me was one of the scientist’s glasses. I mean, we’re talking about 2020 or something, and yet, you still wear those ray-bans? I don’t know, maybe I’m just being a little *****. :O

     Do watch it if you like action, adventure, and sci-fi. It has a slight hint of drama too, some suspense… you know, the typical of action movies. All I have to say is that I liked it a lot – just like my cousins. I wouldn’t watch it again, no, but it was a good movie.