Saturday Night – The Wolverine

by Xenia Makridou



WATCH IT! It’s absolutely amazing. I went in there thinking it’d be something like World War Z or the Pacific Rim,  but it was nothing like those. In fact, it was nothing like any other action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi movie. 

It was incredible. I love it when movies include things from different countries, and therefore, different cultures. It seems all too common to see the acts of a film taking place in the United States. But Japan – that was different. I also liked the first part – the history part – about the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. 

Overall, I found the movie incredibly well-thought-out and acted. The actors were perfect, if I can use that word. Forget about the usual end-of-the-world, zombie-apocalypse, robotic stuff. We’re talking about mutants (a follow-up of X-MEN), portrayed in a manner that seeks to amaze the audience. 

Hashtag: Loved It.