by Xenia Makridou

It’s been a while now I wanted to discuss the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ on Tumblr. Everybody I talk to about these ‘rich kids’ seems to be so completely negative. They refer to them as the ‘spoiled’, the ones ‘using their parents’ money’ to go to out-of-this-world vacations, stay in expensive hotels all around the world, and shop till they drop. Despite the fact that there’s some element of truth in that, one can never know what difficulties they might have endured in their lives, right? Nobody knows anything about them – and yes, their hardships might not lie in money-related problems, but in other sort of issues. So, who are you to criticize them? Just take a moment, and think. If they’ve got the money, let them do whatever the hell they want with it. They aren’t hurting you in any way, or are they?

Whenever I go on their website to check out the latest posts, I always leave feeling really great. They’re an inspiration and a motivation. Try it. Why not? It’s a fun website – nothing else. Try seeing it like that, and then you’ll understand. Life is not fair – once you’ve come to terms with that, life might become a little fairer (haha).

tumblr_n0aaplRijE1rb86ldo1_400      tumblr_n09y364GCo1rb86ldo1_400

These are two of the latest pictures. Aren’t they absolutely great? (haha).