Saturday, March 8th 2014

by Xenia Makridou

It feels like ages since I posted something. It’s more like 2 days, really. But you know what I mean – a really long philosophical life post. So here it comes!

A few posts ago, I told you to keep reading ’cause exciting things would be coming up. And so here’s one of them. What I did today was exciting and life-changing enough, to deserve a whole post all of its own. Simply because this day was perfect.

Firstly, I’d like to wish one of my best friends, Artemis, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, because she has just turned 18. May all your wishes and dreams come true, girl! I love you.

Her birthday was my reason for traveling to Nicosia this morning to have lunch with her and her friends. I got on the bus at 08:00 and arrived at 10:00. My cousin, Olga, and her boyfriend, Tim, picked me up from the bus station and we all went for coffee with my other cousin’s (Olga’s sister) dog, Foxie. This is confusing, I know. It’s okay. Just know that we were three people and the cutest dog in the world at Costa Coffee. From the moment I stepped into their car till the moment they left me at the restaurant where Artemis invited me for lunch, I was laughing. I’m not even exaggerating. I was happy just being with the family, away from the usual and the known. It was different, and it was fun. And Foxie is the cutest dog in the world, and she has helped me get over my fear of dogs, which is absolutely incredible!

At the restaurant, I met two great new girls – Christina and Angelica – that I thought we had a lot in common, and I also saw my two other friends that Artemis had introduced me to when she had come to Paphos a week ago – Ioanna and Leontios. I was happy to see them again, and their welcome was the warmest I’ve ever received. I consider them as my friends, so I hope they do too. All I have to say is that lunch was perfect, too. Again, I couldn’t stop laughing, and even though it’s hard to explain, I never felt like I didn’t belong. From the very first second, despite the fact that I only met the two girls today, I just felt like I was part of their group. Not for one second did I feel like I was any different. It was beautiful. Thank you, Artemis, for sharing your incredible friends with me. 

Later on, we went for a walk, where Nicosia people usually go for a walk (haha) – Ledras and Onasagorou (strange names, I know) – where we met another friend of mine. We walked for a bit and it was really nice, because if you didn’t know, I love walking amongst people – and there were many people, I’m telling you.

On my way back to Paphos, I sat with an acquaintance, Simone, and by the end of the two-hour ride, I can safely say that we had become friends. We talked about everything. We talked about life. We figured it all out – or at least as much of life as you can figure out. It was so strange to me that we shared such common ideas and beliefs. It’d be pointless to try to squeeze everything we talked about in this post, and it would partly ruin the magic of our amazing talk, but I’ll just say this. Thank you, Simone, for sharing your beautiful ideas with me, and thank you for being such a worthwhile person. You deserve the best, because you are admirable. 

Today was a day of meeting new people, making friends, and learning about life. Today was a great day. I’d like to thank those who were part of it and who made me feel so great. You’re all amazing, and I’m so glad to have met and talked to all of you.