by Xenia Makridou

It’s been a couple days now, I’ve been thinking about these so-called ‘teenage years’ and so I decided to write a post of my thoughts. I just keep imagining the future and how it’ll turn out to be – how I want it to be. A very basic and general ‘plan’ would be a happy family, I guess. Not too much of a surprise; not too life-changing. But, for me, it really all comes down to that. Each and every one of us is different, certainly. So, your plan can be a whole lot different from mine. In any case, the purpose of this post is not my future, or yours (haha), but rather how things change as we move on from being teenagers to being adults.

Now, we have our friends and our little amazing talks, whether they’re all about gossiping about our other friends (which is pretty bad I know, but we all do it, so let’s just accept it) or talking about life in general – trying to figure it all out. And we have our drama moments, too. These are the moments that stay with us the most, I’d say. They’re necessary – and expected at this age. Come on, be honest, haven’t you experienced some sort of drama at some point? Yes, I’m talking about them two going out and then breaking up… Yes, yes, about those conspiracies that he cheated on her, or that she got bored of him and found someone else…

Isn’t it scary, though? To think of a future where these things, that now come so naturally, and are basically our everyday lives, don’t exist? Isn’t it so frightening to imagine some other kind of future? A strange future… With other routine things, and other responsibilities… It’s really, the unknown. Because let’s be realistic – you never know what the next day might bring for you. It’s a world of possibilities. Even though you might think you’ve finally managed to plan your future and sort yourself out the best you can, that’s when something will happen to change everything – for the better, or the worse. But there can be nothing but best, really. Right? Because everything happens for a reason. So, let’s just be a little too over-optimistic here, and just accept that if everything takes due course because it’s the right thing to happen, then it must be for the best.

Aaand I’m going off at a tangent again. So, let’s get back on topic. It really scares me to think of a future where being spontaneous is out-ruled. Just think of all the things that you do as a teenager that you know you won’t be able to do as an adult. Like, going out a lot, hanging out with a bunch of friends – even with people you don’t even know -, liking someone, then forgetting about them, finding someone else, or being childish and immature, and just laughing really loudly, and crying often, too… There’s probably a billion other things – and remember, this is just me, a girl and an only child, so for each of us, these basic ‘teenage things’ are different.

Or will life just be the same as before? Everything can be the way it used to be surely, right? If we choose it to be so, that is. So, here’s the other side, as well. Maybe not everything will change. Things can stay the same. But obviously, I wouldn’t know – nobody would know. Because some things might change; others might stay the same. For some people they will; for others they won’t. So, just think about it… Food for thought – as always!