by Xenia Makridou

Once again, I’d like to use my weekend to talk about a few issues. It’s just my way of showing you how all the quotes that I keep referring to are true, and not just philosophies and ideas of a few wise people. They come from experience and life itself.

In any case, it wouldn’t be hard to guess, I hope, that I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday in Nicosia, once again. On Saturday, I had to attend the fundraising dinner of KYPRIS, and I had plans with my close friend, Christina, when we were done, to go to Ledras and then to the club. I wouldn’t say I had the best time of my life, no, that’d be a lie, but let’s just say this: ‘Everything is an experience‘, as Christina put it. But even the fact that I was in Nicosia made me happy somehow. It’s just a whole new world there, really.

We tried to see the light in the darkness and even though it seemed quite hard at first as our plans kept failing, we managed in the end. I accomplished something really great this weekend, actually. I was #creatingmemories with a person whom I’ve known for about 3 years now, I think, but we never seemed to be particularly close. And this makes me happy. Friendship is happiness.

So, here’s the summary of my not-so-exciting weekend (haha). I hope your weekend was better, but still as life-changing as mine. Keep learning.