by Xenia Makridou

Good Morning!

This post will be very brief; I just wished to share my anxiety with you.

If you’re from Cyprus or Greece, you probably know that the 25th of March of every year is a public holiday. We celebrate the so-called ‘1821’, which I’d rather not analyze in detail, as there’s a whole lot of information out there on this part of history, and I’d end up sounding biased as I can’t claim to be very informed on the issue. So, you can check it out for yourselves if you want!

Anyway, we host a parade in every city I think in memory of the events. It’s just a parade, something that happens every year, nothing too difficult to perform – you just have to march. But when you have the responsibility to raise and then lower your hand for everyone behind you to know when to turn their heads in respect to the ‘important people’ (like the mayor, etc.), that’s when this anxiety comes in. You can’t deny it’s a big responsibility. And this is where I need to use all of what I’ve been teaching you all this time. To have faith, to just be spontaneous, to not overthink it – to just do it.

We’ll see how it goes! Here’s a pretty picture to start your day off!