by Xenia Makridou

Okay, so the parade went well. It wasn’t too hard after all. I made it!

But let’s just distance ourselves from reality once again, ’cause I really don’t want this blog to turn into some kind of Facebook, and just consider the issue of regretting.

There’s two ways to look at it – just like every single other thing, really. You can either go with this:


Or just keep regretting, I guess.

If we do mindless things, we’ll probably end up regretting quite a lot, either because we’ve done bad to our own selves, or hurt others. It’s a form of remorse; almost like paying for the bad things we’ve done, in the mental sense, rather than the physical. But again, not everything we regret is bad. It could be the most innocent thing in the world!

And so we come to this:


So, if we hadn’t done what we did, good or bad, that’s when we’d feel the guilt. If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that I’m a big fan of just doing what comes to heart without overthinking it too much. So, naturally, I’d agree with the idea of not regretting, of just taking chances and of understanding our own selves and why we’ve done what we did. It’s like we give ourselves some space, you know?

Life is too short to regret anything at all. We should regret a little bit in the beginning, only to learn from our mistakes though, nothing else, and then we should move on. Because a life full of regret is not worth living. It’ll be unhappy and miserable. And you couldn’t possibly want that, right? It’s okay to make mistakes. We’re only human. It’s through experience that we learn. Don’t regret; learn.