by Xenia Makridou

“Take me to a place where time is frozen, where you don’t have to close your eyes to dream…”

Saturday, March 29th

We were flying way too early on Saturday, but on a positive note, we got to spend more of the day in Paris. Despite it being a fairly long trip from Cyprus to France, around four and a half hours, it seems negligible when you’re on a flight to heaven. Anyway, here are a few pictures I took while aboard.

IMG_1045     IMG_1068

The first day was spent shopping in Avenue Montaigne. We stayed at Le Meurice this time round, even though we always stay at the Plaza Athenee (it was closed for renovation). It was pretty good I must say – situated at the heart of Paris, along Rue de Rivoli; walking distance from Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne and Faubourg Saint-Honore. Without meaning this to sound too exaggerated, when one is in Paris, they can almost feel the difference in the air. It’s strange, but it’s real. You know you’re in Paris.

Sunday, March 30th

The shops are closed on a Sunday, so we had some time to do something different. We went to the park opposite our hotel named Jardins des Tuileries, or the Tulip Gardens. We didn’t go to the Eiffel Tower and the other well-known sights of Paris as we’ve done that a couple times already. It was our first time going to these gardens though, and they were incredible. Spacious and beautiful. I loved every second I spent there.

IMG_1081     IMG_1083

IMG_1086     IMG_1092

IMG_1106     IMG_1108

In the evening, we’d be meeting with some family friends (that I didn’t know of, really) at L’ Avenue. If you ever find yourself in Paris, go to this restaurant. It’s amazing, and you’ll definitely see a model or two, an actor or an actress here and there, you know… We always go there when we visit Paris, and I’m telling you – you can’t go wrong. Try the cheesecake. Best thing you’ll ever have – I can guarantee it. Anyway, back on topic, it seemed a little strange to meet other Cypriots in Paris (haha). And a little awkward for me as I hadn’t seen them before. But it went  well! I met their children, two boys in their mid-twenties. They were pretty fit (haha). No, no, I’m just being a little stupid now. I admired their sense of humor and their intelligence. Casually, the entire night our parents were talking of politics and economics, and as they jumped in to say couple things here and there, their words seemed so clever – they surprised me. Overall, they made such a great impression on me. It’s really nice to meet such open-minded Cypriots, with such profound ideas and experience. It was fun!

Monday, March 31st & Tuesday, April 1st

Shopping, shopping, shopping… And guess what? More shopping! Gotta love it, hey? It’s great ’cause you can go into all those amazing Parisian shops and just be anyone you want. Because nobody knows you and nobody judges you. They don’t know your past, or your future really. You can be anyone. This is freedom – walking along Avenue Montaigne, Rue Cambon and going into all the jewelry boutiques at Place Vendome.


We didn’t do anything too exciting really – the usual stuff (haha). But it’s Paris. And that’s all that matters. Below are just a couple more pictures of ‘important stuff’ that I ought to post.


This one’s from a Chanel showroom: “To be irreplaceable you must be different.” Notice the shadow. Isn’t it amazing? Most creative thing I’ve ever seen!


Outside the Louvre!

photo copy

This is a club at Champs-Elysees. If you’re fanatic about house music like I am, then you’ll flip out about this, ’cause it’s pretty damn amazing seeing all your favorite artists on a poster, but if you’re not, then you’ll probably be like: meh. (haha)


And finally, a page from the magazine I was reading while going to Paris: “A Million Miles From Everday”, isn’t it great? I don’t know, I just loved it and wanted to share!

So, that’s pretty much it when it comes to Paris! It’ll be six or more months till I go again, and that’s pretty frustrating, but okay. And I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting. Better late than never, though! 😉