by Xenia Makridou

Here’s a summary of my weekend up to now, as always. Because let’s just be honest with ourselves here (haha)… Isn’t it in the weekends that we can actually live and not merely exist? So, here’s a glimpse of what actually happened this Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, I went out with the girls at the mall, and it’s really not all that important, but something strange happened. It may sound stupid, but when I got asked what time we’d leave, I was so surprised not to have thought of it before myself. It was like I was having so much fun without realizing, I didn’t even consider leaving an option. It’s strange ’cause I always have a plan, you know? I know I’ll go at that time and leave at a certain later time. It happened to me before surely – not thinking about the time to go – but it hadn’t happened in a while to be honest. I caught myself being surprised and I was surprised at that! And it was great, you know? Realizing that you’re actually liking what you’re doing and not just hanging out with your friends because society considers that normal.

On Saturday, I spent the day with the girls again. It was all great and everything, except that I almost died. I almost killed myself. And that’s when I realized how fragile life actually is. It’s a thread – a very thin one indeed – and you can be the one to cut it at any moment. But obviously, others can cut it for you, and God or the Universe probably can too. It was probably the closest I had come to death, and it was shocking. It may sound so completely stupid, but water almost killed me. Water. Can you imagine? It sounds funny, doesn’t it? Choking on water, like, what? But I can reassure you, if you were there, you’d actually freak out, ’cause it wasn’t just the usual, oh the water went down the wrong way, I was actually dying. I couldn’t breathe whatsoever, my eyes were completely soaked and running, and the girls got so scared. But I survived! It would be pretty weak to hear my name on the news and that I died while drinking water. Yeah, that wouldn’t be the best ending to my story, would it? It’s funny, though. And as long as it makes you laugh

Here’s my weekend up to now – not entirely eventful, but pretty good! Enjoy your Sunday!