by Xenia Makridou

It seems to have been so long since I’ve done something exciting, hasn’t it? So, here you have it!

On Saturday, Christina and I went clubbing! It felt like ages since I’d been to a club. And it was the first time I was going to ‘Summer’, so it was pretty exciting. It was a good night. On Sunday, my two Christinas and my cousin came with me to Guaba’s opening. If you’ve never heard of Guaba before, you should definitely check it out on the web. It’s a beach bar in Limassol, Cyprus. And it is the shit.

I discovered Guaba last year and I went about five times last summer. As it closes for the winter season, I hadn’t been there in a while. Last Sunday was the Opening Fiesta. And it was better than any of my fantasies. It might sound exaggerated and over-dramatic, but if you fall in love with electronic dance music the way I did, you’ll realize what I’m on about. Surely, I can’t expect you to understand, but Guaba is my personal haven and heaven. It is everything I want.

Anyway, I knew Guaba could never disappoint me, but the Opening Fiesta was truly out of this world. Chilling by the beach with your friends, listening to the most incredible music… Talking and laughing and dancing. Talking to people you’ll probably never recognize again, doing whatever the hell you want to do because nobody judges… Being crazy and all over the place. Being yourself. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Isn’t it amazing? Just forgetting everything about what’s out there and living in the moment of Guaba. Especially when you’re in the middle of your exams. That is just the thrill. Have you ever been somewhere and loved every second of it? Every second of it. Knowing that it’ll end soon – way too soon – but also knowing that you got to get rid of the negative thoughts, to enjoy this limited time you have there. Wondering if this is actually, heaven? (haha)

Guaba is the place you don’t have to close your eyes to dream. It’s the place where everybody is just in their own worlds, but somehow, together. And it’s beautiful.

Until next time, go to Guaba. At least once.