Long Time; No See

by Xenia Makridou

Long time; no see, huh? (haha) Well, it’s been exam period, hasn’t it? But even now, I still find myself out all day. Is that bad? (haha) We’ll know in August, I guess, when the results come out. Shit. Oh well. I can just live my life till then, then!

This weekend will be sick. I can’t wait. On Saturday, I’ll be traveling to Nicosia to meet Christina. Just being in Nicosia is a wonder of its own (haha), so it’s good enough. We’re spending the morning as usual – shopping, hanging out, walking – and in the afternoon, we’re going to a house music festival. I don’t know how worth it it’ll be, but it sounds pretty promising. The idea is exciting, though. Anyway, on Sunday, we’re going to Guaba. Well, I wouldn’t mind describing the feeling, but it’d be repetitive of me, so you could just check out my previous post about the heaven Guaba is, and you’ll hopefully understand. Oh, oh! And I’m getting my Avicii tattoo done!

And now here’s your philosophical dose, which I’m sure you have so missed all these days. But it’ll be a little sad, so here’s your warning so that you don’t say I haven’t prepared you! Why is it that when you have it you don’t appreciate it, and once it’s gone you realize how much it meant to you? It’s one of our worst human qualities. I found myself in this position a million times already, for the most random and simple things and for the most important and complex ones too though, but when it comes to the “lovelife”, it happened once. And now it happens again. It’s so bad, to not appreciate. But as much as you try to reverse the feeling, it comes and haunts you back even stronger than before. So, what’s the solution? Perhaps life knows that he/she is not the one, and tries to show you that once you’ve found the one, you’ll know… You’ll know you’ve found them because this feeling won’t be there. Or I’m just an overly romantic teenage girl. But for the moment all I can advise you to do is appreciate. And when I’ve figured out how to do that, I’ll let you know.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep an eye on what’s to come out of my weekend this time!