by Xenia Makridou

Growing up in the court (virtually), I knew I’d become a lawyer since forever – well, since when people begin asking you what you want to study and all that, anyway. We never discussed it at home or anything – it was a fact. And I never objected after all; it seemed natural for me too, as my mom is a lawyer and has her own office, and the job pays quite well (when it does, anyway), so why not? I used to hang around my mom’s office during the summer and during the year here and there, but it all depended on me. It’s not like she forced me or anything. Back in the day, when I was really young, I’d spend my summer in her office, but as I grew up and could stay alone at home, I preferred doing that. Now, though, I’ve discovered the beauty of the court, as I’m able to actually understand what’s going on. I love it. Every minute of it. And I’m so incredibly lucky to love it, because this is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life. But I love it, I really do. It’s hard to explain why, because it’s so many things together that make it such a great experience, but let’s just say that it runs in the family.

I’ve already been to two cases (in the past couple of days) and literally, I didn’t want them to end so that I’d have to go back home. It must have been the most interesting thing! Not once did I think of anything else, but what was being said right there and then. I was living in the moment. Completely. I found myself. In the court. With those beautiful, elegant clothes. With my mom. It was almost like I never understood my mother and now I have. And I’m proud of her. Oh, so proud. And I want to be just like her, and even better. The court life makes me happy. I don’t really know about the general law office stuff ’cause I haven’t been through that yet, but up until now, I’m loving the job.

It’s weekend now and I’m literally waiting for Monday as I have never waited for it ever before. I’m begging for the weekend to end. Is that even normal? I just want it to fly by, so that I can go to work on Monday! I just wanted to share my love for law (or at least,  as much of ‘law’ as I know of) and I really hope that I’ll keep up the excitement forever. Do what you love; love what you do.