by Xenia Makridou

Good Morning!

I might not be writing much – or at least as much as I used to -, but I want to have you know that I actually think of the blog quite often – way too often. It troubles me not to be blogging, because I feel like I have a responsibility that I’m not fulfilling. But I came to realize one thing – a long time ago, actually. I may have said it already, but here you go. I often resort to the blog when I’m feeling down, or I find myself in a period of instability. I don’t only blog then, obviously, but in most cases. Because for example, when I’m completely balanced (or rather as balanced as one can be) and, let’s go for, happy, I seem to have nothing to write, you know? Let’s just face it. Aren’t writers and poets a little troubled? 🙂

Well, anyway, I really don’t want to feel like I’m not doing ‘my job’, so I’d rather have a schedule made for myself. Exams will be over soon – on the 18th to be accurate. Until then, I probably won’t have much time to blog. But even after, on the 19th I’m starting work at a law firm and I won’t have much time to write. I’d rather have you know that I’ll be posting up things in the weekends and when I feel like it here and there. But don’t forget that it’s summer and there’s many exciting things coming up, like my double trip to Greece and Tomorrowland. Guess what? 😉 I’ll post pictures of those, too!

I just woke up today with this need to explain to you why I don’t blog much now and why I might not be blogging much later. But we’ll see. ‘Cause you never know! Have a wonderful day.