by Xenia Makridou

You know you’ve found happiness when you’re with Theo and Papiris in Limassol. You’re probably thinking, what? (haha). Theodoros (Theo) and Christoforos (Papiris – it’s his surname) are the two guy friends that were hanging out with me last Sunday in Limassol. We started from Paphos to go to Guaba, but we made a stop at the new marina. I can’t even explain why “I found happiness” in that, but I loved every second of it, and I can truly say I was happy.

Whether it was doing something newspontaneous, and exciting, or simply that I felt like the centre of attention as I was the only girl (haha), I don’t know. But, it was beautiful. Everything was beautiful. Their company. The marina itself. The summer day. The freedom.

It’s a week already since that day, but you know you were happy when after a whole week, you can still feel the vibe. I don’t know if I should wish for a similar moment in the future, because first, I wouldn’t want to ruin the original feeling, and second, you just know it won’t be the same the second time. Anyway, I’m positive this summer is full of such experiences, and it has only just began. Oh, and another thing I want to say. Don’t wish; just let it be. That’s how happiness is found.

This summer has began p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Tonight’s prom night, and I can’t wait. Let’s see how that’s going to go!

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