by Xenia Makridou

A little courage, a couple friends, and an open car. That’s all you need sometimes. And there you are, with your adrenaline rush.


Skipping school once in a while ain’t that bad in the end (haha). As my History teacher put it, “If you’re an A student, then it doesn’t count.” It just feels like freedom, you know? Being able to break from your routine, do what you want to do, without rules and regulations, without the dos and the don’ts. Just the very fact that it’s ‘illegal’, makes it so much more interesting, so much more of an adventure. If you ask me, these are components of happiness. It might not be perfect, but it’s as close as it can get. Especially when all you have in your mind nowadays has to do with school, lessons, exams, and universities. Sometimes you just have to step back and remind yourself that you only have one life and a limited time. More importantly, these years will be over before you know it, and there will be no turning back then. One year left. Not even, and the student life will be over. It’s scary. So, take the initiative and live for now. ❤