by Xenia Makridou

Alright, so here it is. The Tomorrowland post. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I promised this a long time ago, after I came back from the 10th anniversary of the most wonderful place on Earth. I assume you know a little bit about this electronic dance music festival, because I really don’t want to ruin the reflection with basic information. If you have no idea what this is, you can check the 2014 aftermovie on YouTube and figure out what Tomorrowland is for yourselves. Don’t die of jealousy, though.

Well, where should I even begin? I traveled with my best friend, Dimitra, from Larnaca to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt, with a Tomorrowland flight and airplane, to Brussels. A Tomorrowland flight and airplane? What? Yep, I know. It was sick, if you allow me to use that word. A gate full of “People of Tomorrow”, with a DJ, free food and drinks, and cupcakes with icing in all the different colors of the rainbow. We had a whole gate to ourselves, listening to deep house and preparing for the madness. And then, we boarded the plane. Party at 30,000 feet? Check. Yves V, a world-class DJ, was on the plane with us, mixing the latest hits, the lights were out and everyone had little colorful lighters to make the experience even more enchanting. Plane partying was exciting, indeed. Like, how many people actually get to do that? Landing was even more exciting, though.

We had bought a ‘global-journey’ package, which included Tomorrowland tickets, transport to and from Tomorrowland, hotel accommodation, airline tickets and so on. We stayed at a Tomorrowland-themed hotel and everyday, we received our Tomorrowland newspaper at breakfast with pictures and updates on the previous day’s partying and on what to expect from the current day. Belgian waffles? Check. At the end of each day, we’d return to the hotel, only to find presents waiting for us! They were getting bigger and better every day that went by. The first couple days we had Tomorrowland chocolates, with the logo and all! On the last day, we received the Tomorrowland key, – yes, an actual key – the key to happiness. It’s beautiful, and it opens a little box that lights up – yes, it actually lights up – to show the Tomorrowland logo.

The story behind Tomorrowland is that it is basically the key to happiness. And it is no exaggeration, I assure you. Do you know what it means to be utterly happy? For three days in a row? Without having a minute of just existing, always living? Pure, beautiful happiness. Tomorrowland is happiness. The people were wonderful. Obviously all of them have their own lives back home, just like us, but the very fact that all of us found ourselves there, at Tomorrowland 2014, was just incredible. We just knew that we were there for the same reasons, for the same feelings!

Embrace your weird side and live your dream. That’s Tomorrowland. Do what makes you happy. Embrace friendship and individuality. Enjoy life. “Make every second of your life legendary” – Author: Tomorrowland, behind the Mainstage. Never once, in those three wonderful days, did I see a single drunk/drugged person. Everyone was just having the time of their lives, and trust me, when you’re having the time of your life, I doubt you need alcohol or drugs. The madness is enough to get you out of your mind.

We partied, and partied, and partied, three days straight, all day, all night. We met people. We understood what happiness really means. I found myself in those small stages away from the main stage during the day, listening and dancing to Dubstep for three hours straight without even realizing. How exactly can you dance to Dubstep? Haha, well, thrusting your body forwards and backwards would not be too far off what we were doing! It sounds rather stupid, but trust me, when I say three hours passed without even having the slightest idea, that’s a truth. It was like 5 minutes had passed. It was out-of-this-world. It was all a fairytale – a fanfare. I found myself underneath the dazzling fireworks lighting up the night sky at the main stage. I found myself in the jumping up and down, in the person telling me I was the most enthusiastic person at Tomorrowland when dancing to Drum & Bass, in holding the Cypriot flag, in hanging out with some Swedish and Swiss dudes, in the magic of the moment, in the beauty of my music, in the meaning of the lyrics…

Even thinking about it makes my heart pound faster. I remember how I used to have goosebumps pretty much the entire day because of the bass. Literally. Goosebumps. The entire day. Everything was perfect, from the very moment I boarded that plane to Brussels, to celebrating my 18th birthday the first day of Tomorrowland, to partying till I felt like dropping to the ground and never getting back up again, to thinking of nothing but the next DJ set and who I wanted to see mixing live, to going back and forth in the Daily Dubstep stage, to feeling like I was in heaven in the Legends of Trance stage, to singing all the mainstream crap till my throat hurt at the Mainstage.

A “take me back” exclamation would be too underestimating I think, when even thinking about Tomorrowland makes your eyes fill up with tears and the feeling of perfect happiness reemerges. Go to Tomorrowland. Whatever you do, if you like electronic dance music, festivals and raves, go to Tomorrowland. Even if it means saving up money for a lifetime. Even if it means you’re never going on holiday ever again. Tomorrowland is happiness. There is nothing else so pure, so perfect.

Lose and find yourself in the magic of Tomorrowland ❤ Check.