by Xenia Makridou

Paris was as wonderful as always. I didn’t actually know when en route, but it was the last day of Fashion Week when we arrived. You can imagine. Glamour, style, beautiful people everywhere… It’s so strange, yet so natural, to see all those fashion-industry people gliding around Champs-Elysees, Avenue Montaigne and Faubourg Saint-Honore with their beautiful clothes and $50,000 bags. It feels so different, so refreshing. It feels like home, for some weird reason (haha).

In any case, it still amazes me – this Parisian energy. It’s not the same, when you come back from a summer holiday in Greece, it’s not the same energy and motivation. Paris is some sort of magic, and I’ll never stop believing that. It’s because it’s so much different from everything else that you almost forget your real reality. When in Paris, time stops, and it’s just you and everything beautiful. That’s how it feels.

If you ask me whether I like shopping or not, I’d probably say I don’t, but when in Paris, oh, how I love it. It’s not your typical kind of shopping. It’s the perfect kind of shopping. Everything that you see in the magazines? It’s there. Everything that you dreamed wearing one day? It’s right there in front of your eyes – and in front of your hands. 😉 Except it’s expensive. Really. Expensive. But just looking at it is enough, I guess. Paris is not just shopping though… It’s eating, too! And it’s another type of eating that, too.

Paris is a gift with a wrapping of fashion, a card of elegance and a scent of happiness. Till next time, I’ll miss you, second home. ❤