by Xenia Makridou


Let’s talk a little about university up until now. I’m currently in my first year of university – which will be over way too soon really – and I can’t claim I saw much of a change in my habits or interests. I’ve seen some partial change in myself in 2016, in terms of becoming more aware of the need to get involved and do more things, but apart from that, moving from high school to university hasn’t been too great a leap for me. I attribute this to the fact that I’ve always been too independent. I’m one of those people who enjoy their solitude to the maximum, probably justifying my not really missing family and friends while in London (haha). Don’t get me wrong – I do miss them, but it’s not nostalgia. And if it’s not nostalgia, it’s nothing to me. I guess it’s because I never really have the time to think about them anyway, in terms of what I miss about the past. For instance, a memory may pop up, but it’s gone 5 seconds later as other things pass through my mind, requiring my undivided attention.

In approximately 50 days the 2nd term will be over too, meaning that the final examination term will be the only one left. After the 50 days, university will essentially be over and together with it, my first year at university. It’s true that I didn’t take too long to settle in, yet I feel as though it took about half a year, which is pretty long, to realise I need to do more. I guess I thought studying and going to one or two extra-curricular lectures was enough, but luckily, after the new year – I don’t know how or why, because I definitely didn’t think about it, let alone plan it – I became more active in terms of doing other things alongside my studies. For instance, February is packed with opportunities to learn and grow. Just to put things into perspective for you, this week commencing Monday, February 8th until Friday, February 12th, I have two online courses to work through, a competition essay, a dinner with Lady Hale of the Supreme Court to attend, numerous extra-curricular lectures to go to and I will also probably be starting French classes. I hope I’m not forgetting anything, but that’s pretty much the week, alongside the usual lectures, tutorials and seminars I need to attend and work through. I’m not listing them in an attempt to complain or brag about my ‘busy life’; I truly just look forward to each and every one of these! It feels good to know you’re pushing yourself.

In terms of friends, I can’t claim I’ve made too many – but I have some; some acquaintances too. It’s enough for me – it’s easier.

I’m happy, though. I’m preoccupied with various things, and I’m enjoying it. I can’t lie – I do look forward to the summer – and I hope I will feel as though it is well-deserved. Imagine if I stop now, if I stop doing more and then I find myself regretting my first year inactivity! Oh, that would be so bad, so so bad – and sad. Remember: It’s better to regret things you’ve done, than things you wish you had done but didn’t when you had the chance.

Do More.