by Xenia Makridou

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted once again, yet I had way too many things going on! I am now an accredited mediator, after a week that seemed both the longest one I’ve ever experienced, and the shortest amount of time ever, both at the same time – and well, yes, I guess it’s possible! I’ll have a post on mediation go up later today, hopefully, explaining the paradox. Then, my boyfriend came to London from Athens for the weekend to see me, and we had a wonderful time together, yet afterwards, I got incredibly sick. Only today do I feel slightly better, even though I have not completely healed yet, after a week of illness. I’m one of those people that rarely get sick, but when I do, it’s tough. Here’s a positive thought to keep you going, and help me overcome my illness and get back to work!