Year 1: done.

by Xenia Makridou

I guess to claim that the first year of university is over, one would have to wait and see how the May exams would go, but in any case, at this point in time, to me, it seems like the first year is over for good. It might not seem exactly like this when I actually have to sit my exams in about a month’s time – and it probably won’t feel like this (haha) -, but as I said, at this point in time, it feels like the first year has come to an end.

My cousins are coming to visit me in London tomorrow, and when they’re gone I’ll just have 2 more days here, as I’ll be leaving for Paris on April 1st. Paris – for those of you who’ve been following my posts for a while, does it ring a bell (haha)? I don’t think I deserve Paris at this point in time though – I would have liked to have studied a bit beforehand so that I feel like I’ve actually done something to deserve it, but since my cousins will be here, this is virtually impossible. In any case, after Paris I’ll be heading back to Cyprus, and to be truthful, I cannot wait. I just want to go home and start my revision – seriously, that’s all I want. I’m probably not going to study when I’m there (haha), just because this is what happened during Christmas as well, but oh well, hoping for the best. I guess I just want to go home and really sort my life out by making a revision plan – and sticking with it. I understand it may seem strange for someone to want to study, but really, once I start doing stuff and feeling accomplished, that’s when I’m happiest. Plus, I must study; I don’t really have a choice!

It’s unbelievable, really. I still remember my first day of university like it was yesterday. The truth is that it passed way too quickly, but at the same time, I’m happy it’s over, and I’m very much looking forward to what summer has to bring this year. I feel very tired to be honest; it must have been pretty draining. I don’t think we understand it when something is draining, because it’s our routine – and even if we take breaks here and there, and travel, and relax, it’s still there – a routine that we have to go back to, a routine that stresses us, a routine that slowly drains us, without us realising, until we’ve had enough.

I feel like a new period is starting now. I’ll be in a different place, doing different things, with different people. I can’t wait!