Once you start, nothing can stop you.

by Xenia Makridou

In this blog post, I want to talk about some of the projects that someone special in my life has been working on very recently, in an attempt to show that just by starting, one’s career can take off very quickly. I really want this to be an inspirational post for myself and all of you, and an account of how by opening the first door, more open on the way, if you work well and if your work interests and excites you.

Without further ado, let me begin describing this ‘first door’. The person I am referring to is very interested in technology, and also business. He thought of a ‘start-up’ that he could potentially bring to life in the future, but didn’t think much of it initially, considering he is only in his first year of university. He attended a couple of presentations and workshops on topics that interested him, but that was it really. I think the big change came when he got the chance to participate in a workshop which hoped to teach participants how to present their ideas well. Through that, he developed his start-up idea further, alongside gaining confidence. Looking back, he hadn’t even applied for the workshop – he just got in by chance at the very last minute really. Luck, or something else? In any case, he pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and that was the best thing he could ever do for himself. By presenting his idea there, he got the chance to receive feedback from professionals. When he realised that they really liked his idea, this gave him confidence to pursue it further – the ‘first door’. It opened wide after he understood that others believed in his idea just as much as he did. This motivated him to do more.

Later, he sought to get in touch with the organisers of the first events he had ever attended, those ‘couple of presentations and workshops’ I mentioned at the start, and just through this he managed to get involved there as well. He was given responsibilities very quickly, like managing a YouTube channel and teaching others about ‘how to start a start-up’, even though he hasn’t even set his off the ground yet.

To sum up, he started off somewhere, quickly got involved, and met the right people. But most importantly, he gained confidence, and motivated himself to work towards his passion. If you are to click out of this blog post and forget everything but one thing, let this one thing be that once you start, nothing can stop you. Just make the start, and everything else will slowly come to you, if you work and believe.