by Xenia Makridou

If this picture isn’t the cutest, and at the same time most meaningful thing ever, then I don’t know what is. I hope that I’ve taught you enough (through my posts), and you’ve lived enough (haha), to understand what it shows. It definitely has multiple interpretations, and if you can spot at least 2 then that’s great. But for this post, I’ll grapple with just one – the first that came into my mind when I saw the picture online.

Positivity may be something you haven’t experienced in a while, or indeed, it may be the idea you live by. I want to believe that we all know that it’s there, inside us, even though to some very deep down, and long-hidden. But it’s there. And if you are in the former category, I will promise that once you start exploring inside you, you’ll find it. It’s there, somewhere! The next step is transmitting it to others – out to the world. And then others will do the same, and oh look, the world is positive once again! It’s a wonderful feeling to see the world with positive eyes. Try it! 😉