by Xenia Makridou

Do you also get that feeling, when it’s summer time, and you basically have nothing to worry about except making sure you thoroughly enjoy yourself, do you also get frustrated at your unproductivity and start feeling bad about yourself? Well, if you experience similar thoughts and feelings, then this post is for you. I personally definitely get wound up in my own crazy mind from time to time, so I developed a positive attitude towards these thoughts and feelings, to better deal with them. I came up with these 5 ways how to not feel useless doing the summer holidays (but still enjoy yourself). I must admit, I don’t actually follow through with all 5, but perhaps, you can get inspired to try at least 1.


1: Morning Routine

Devise a morning routine – preferably one you’ll stick by – such as, starting your day off with a quick look at the news. You can also incorporate some exercise into that morning routine, or anything else you know makes you feel productive, such as practising on a musical instrument or a foreign language for a specified period of time. You’ll see that this will make you feel much better about yourself, and will, ultimately, improve the rest of your day. Make sure you only include things you enjoy doing, or else you won’t go through with them. And it’s also summer time, so you got to give yourself a break from all those things you despise doing (okay, this is more of an excuse, but oh well, haha). In any case, just create a morning routine that’s both productive and enjoyable.

2: Part-Time Job

A classic. I know it may quite possibly sound like the worst chore you could ever have to do when all your friends are hanging out by the beach taking in the sun, but you’ll thank yourself later on, and once you get into it, you may find it particularly enjoyable and rewarding, both money-wise, and mentally – and don’t forget the skills you’ll cultivate and have to show for it! You may also meet people that are very likely to positively impact your life – added bonus. Have I persuaded you yet (haha)?

3: Cultural Events

This is one of my favourites. I know that where I live, there are a lot of cultural events taking place currently, due to the city being a European Capital of Culture. It definitely depends on where you live as to whether such events are happening, but I’m sure there must be some things going on, at least, such as open-air cinema, or museum open days. I feel like when I attend such events, I’m not only enjoying myself, but I’m also learning something along the way. It’s truly amazing how much knowledge one can gain just by attending such happenings.

4: Documentaries/Educational Movies

If you find yourself bored out of your mind, why not watch something that could teach you something? And I’m not saying make-up tutorials on  YouTube or a marathon of Game of Thrones don’t teach you anything, but… The whole concept of documentaries appears boring at first, but trust the producers (haha), they probably know how to make something utterly dull into something bomb – come on, we all know the thrill of ants trying to collect their food before rain takes over. You can also choose to watch these documentaries on topics you already like, so it won’t seem like schooling during summer. So, think: what are you interested in?

5: Books

If you didn’t like reading books when you were young, chances are you’re not reading books now that you’ve grown up. Make the effort this summer, and you’ll see that now that you’re older, you may actually like getting your mind off other things. Reading is healing.


Do let me know of any other ideas you may have on how someone can become more productive during summer, and make sure to tell me if you follow through with any of the above and how it went. Only you know what makes you feel productive, so tailor these to your tastes, and it’ll prove beneficial – I promise. Good luck!