by Xenia Makridou

I’ve always known writing is therapeutic, and I guess that’s why I felt the need to start this blog. I always come back on here to express some more thoughts almost every time I’m facing something which brings me down. It’s actually amazing how much it helps to write – it’s like a magic potion.

I’m struggling a bit at the moment (clearly, haha), but I hope this will end soon. I think it’s in my hands how long the wound will take to heal. I definitely want this to be over as soon as possible, but at the same time I’m a bit scared to let go. It’s crazy how the mind and the heart are so bad at communicating. Logic and feelings are completely irreconcilable – for the moment at least.

Could facing up to the situation with a clear mind and logical thought teach the heart that whatever it feels it must stop because it’s all going to be okay, perhaps even better than just okay in a little bit? For the moment, this almost seems impossible. But I know, deep down, that after all, there’s nothing else left to do or say, but do this. Sometimes life plays its own games, and it just doesn’t turn out the way we had expected or wished. But this is life, and there’s nothing we can do – or is there?