by Xenia Makridou

Last summer, I began feeling the need to reconnect with a number of people from my past, either to place them on a higher pedestal, giving them a more important role to play in my daily life, or to correct past mistakes, and therefore fix certain relationships which had become eroded or which had even been destroyed. I wasn’t too sure about this at first, because I did, and still do, believe that sometimes the past needs to remain where it belongs – in the past – and one has to move forward without looking back, especially if several years have passed. In any case, after a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do this, to embark on this process of what I call the ‘refurbishment’ of my life. I decided that it would be better for me to face my past than leave it where it stood at the time, simply because my past was never something I completely forgot about – it always ‘haunted’ me to some extent. Thus, I began contacting many of those whom I had included in my list of reconnections.

In most of these cases, things worked out fine, a lot better than just fine in fact. The outcome was a thousand times better than I had anticipated at the start, and I think this was because the reward in the end was multi-faceted (more on this a bit later). Surely, there were people who weren’t thrilled to hear from me, or were just not interested in reviving past memories. And too, there were those who just didn’t care, or who had completely forgot about our past together. Nonetheless, most of my attempts were rewarded with new beginnings and the settling of my subconscious.

My initial motivation to embark on this process of reconnection was in fact to come to terms with my past and deal with some of my issues, and this is where the multi-faceted consequence of the reconnection comes in. Not only was I able to do that, but I was also able to feel as though I was achieving a goal, I felt accomplished, and I was truly happy to see so many people wanting to be in my life once again – I felt loved. I’m very thankful for those who were happy to hear from me and willing to either begin afresh or continue from where we left off. The very decision to face certain people from the past and deal with specific matters also, naturally, gave me a sense of power. The whole process matured me, taught me many things about myself, and helped me grow.

Having received encouraging responses and feedback, I am still pursuing my ‘goal’ to this day. It’s clearly still a work in progress, and in fact, it will always be – because once you reconnect with people, you also have to keep the connection alive.

If there’s anyone in the past you’d like to reconnect with, or perhaps you’d like them to know something you’ve never told them, or you just want to fix things, contact that person. It’s never too late. Even if that person doesn’t respond positively, you’ll know you tried – and trust me, that’s all you need at the end. You can only do your very best – ever. And sometimes even a single short message of regret towards the other person can free you forever.