by Xenia Makridou

About a year ago (similar to my last post), I decided I’d like to meet someone new every single day of my life. I guess I decided this over the summer because I was going out every single day anyway, so that would be a plausible ‘target’ to ‘work towards’. I did know that this ‘target’ would not really be an appropriate one to have during term time because I would have other, more important worries then. Nonetheless, I satisfied myself by deciding that during term time the rate at which I would seek to meet new people could decrease to an acceptable one (I don’t really remember what that was – I think I must have given up by that time to be honest). The reasons for having this desire to meet someone new every single day (at least in the summer) shouldn’t require further explanation – I just sought to become a lot more social than I already were (with the accompanying benefits that is, excluding any disadvantages that could potentially arise).

However, I don’t think I was able to reach my ‘target’ last summer (although thinking about it then and writing about it now seemed and still seems a lot easier than it actually is in practice). The same goes for this summer too, especially because this summer I actually had to work, meaning that free time and late nights were limited to a great extent. Although I’m not particularly happy with these results, I do want to keep trying for this ‘target’ because I do consider it to be worthwhile. I think I’ll restart my attempts beginning from tomorrow, and see how it goes this time, although I will reduce the rate at which I aim to meet new people otherwise I’ll end up with the same result. But what rate should that be? And is this a worthwhile ‘target’ to have? Let’s see – it will take time to show.