by Xenia Makridou

I wanted to come on here and type a couple things, on a day I’m feeling slightly blue, once again.

The first thing I want to say relates to a previous post of mine, to my ‘morning feeling’. I’m amazed at the healing power of writing. It went away – just by facing it and writing it out. Anything can be healed, with time and writing. So, there you go. Is there anything troubling you? Face it, go over it in your head, describe it, explain it, analyse it, write it, and… give it time.


You’ve got to try and solve it with reason first though. It does wonders, I promise.


The second thing I’d like to talk about is again related to time. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have realised that I’m slightly afraid of time, or perhaps – on a more positive note – very conscious of it. Well, I think I’ve become time’s friend now, having seen its healing powers (alongside its aging, rushing, and so on, ones). The days come and go quickly, and so my wounds heal, memories vanish, psychology restores. It’s a magical process when you are conscious of it, actually.


I should have named this post ‘time’ for one more time on this blog, considering my third piece of advice from experience this past month also seems to relate to it. I wanted to break a habit. I decided that the best way to do it would be to print out a sheet with 30 small boxes on it. Each day I didn’t do what I wasn’t supposed to do I ticked off a box. On the 14th day (I think) I felt strong enough to throw away this piece of paper. The habit was no longer mine. I had broken it off myself – I was free. There’s a couple other habits I’d like to break by using this technique, and I aim to put those to the test soon.


At this point you may ask, you have it all figured out, what are you feeling blue about? The answer is as simple as, we all have those days when we’re feeling slightly blue for no particular reason, when we just want to lie somewhere, speak to no one, do nothing – even if it’s just for a short period of time. I think that’s normal, and in fact welcome. It’s nice to know you’re alive, and feeling. It’s rewarding to know why you’re feeling something, accepting it for what it is, and letting it go. Knowledge which has come from experience says that tomorrow will be a new, different day. Isn’t that beautiful? I think hope is the most beautiful kind of inspiration. Having faith in the world, in the universe, in yourself, that tomorrow will bring indifference to the things which may now burden your soul.

Cologne, Germany

01/11/17, 12:54