Your feedback always makes me happy!

by Xenia Makridou

Although I haven’t written for a while now, and it’s quite often nowadays that I take long breaks from this blog, it’s still here, for everyone on the internet to visit, at any time. A friend of mine came across it some time ago, and commended me on my writing at the time. He praised my writing in person yesterday once more, and this is probably what sparked my interest to come back on here today. His kind words undoubtedly made me very happy, not because I expect praise on my writing style or ideas, but rather because whenever someone mentions my blog, it establishes a closer connection between us. I think one of the most intimate experiences one can have is read the writings of another. Our writings don’t only reflect our thoughts at the time of writing, but also our feelings, and even our overall experiences, and sense of self. What our writings reflect is a post all on its own.

I don’t think I realise how public this platform actually is. Through the years, I’ve had a few people talk to me about my blog, mostly people who are close to me, and although I know that what I write is out there to be read by everyone and anyone, I don’t think I completely understand this very fact – or rather, I don’t think I always remember it. I often confront my readers, saying it’s a personal blog, that I’m not writing for publicity or for anyone to read. Naturally, this is contradictory. As I’m publishing my writings on this platform, the last thing I should expect is for no one to ever read them. The only justification I can give for this seemingly contradictory position in my head is that writing publicly as I do allows for my thoughts and feelings to be disseminated through the universe more efficiently. This may sound quite absurd to some. Some can even argue that even if I wrote my thoughts on a piece of paper and hid it underneath my bed, they’d still exist in the universe. I don’t disagree, but it does also feel to be a more in sync with the universe process to publish my posts, rather than keep them for myself. I’ve never actually thought about this issue until I began writing this post, and it does appear somewhat strange that publishing on a website, using technology in this way, typing out rather than physically writing, could bring someone more in touch with the physical universe as we know it. Well, this is what it feels like to me, and I guess that’s good enough.

I began learning and exploring the law of attraction recently, which has influenced my thinking on this issue, clearly. I don’t think many people know about the law of attraction, and I think this topic could make for an explorative and even fascinating post.

Coming soon!